Welcome to RA Power Solutions

R.A. Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company providing on-site repairs of major engine components like Crankshaft, Connecting Rod, Engine Blocks, Metal stitching, Alternator repairs to worldwide shipping, offshore marine installations, industrial plants and power stations. In order to meet the requirement of marine engines, generator, auxiliary equipments and parts we supply new and reconditioned equipments and parts inspected by in-house team of our engineers. R.A. Power Solutions taking the advantage of success of Indian engineering companies source equipments like Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Centrifuge and their spares from India which are manufactured in collaboration with the leading international companies and are competitively priced. This gives an enormous advantage to the end user in terms of quality and price. In case of any quality issues our dedicated factory trained certified service engineers provide a total solution for the repair with minimum downtime. We work with our customer to help reduce downtime, increase productivity and lower operating costs..



Onsite Grinding and Polishing

RA Power Solutions undertakes in situ grinding and polishing Crankshaft, Rotor shaft, Alternator shaft, turbine shaft, pump shaft and all type of cylindrical shafts. The services are offered onsite. Experience technicians carry portable onsite grinding and polishing equipments to the site and execute repairs.RAP has more than Four decades of experience and have executed repair of more than 1000 crankshafts for the clients based all over the world.

Rebabbitting of bearing

Rebabbitting of old bearings is undertaken. The selection of white metal grade is done according to the load characteristics. The new white metal bearings are manufactured as per the drawings or sample. The quality of Babbitt material is of great importance. Rebabbitting is done by centrifugal process. The tri metal bearings for diesel engine, compressors, and pump are also manufactured as per customer’s requirement.Calibration and Inspection reports are submitted.

Refurbishing of Diesel Engine

RAP undertakes refurbishing of high capacity of diesel engines through their experienced engineers. All the parts are calibrated and repaired if required. Complete diesel engines are re-allocated to another site on turnkey bases which includes dismantling, marking, packing, transportation, erection and commissioning.

What We Do

We are into the business of service, repair and supply of spares for high capacity diesel engines for last more than Four decades. We provide highly technical and precision repair services for crankshaft, engine block, connection rods, cylinder heads and major components of diesel engine. We supply major components like cylinder liner, bearings, valves, etc. as per OEM standards. The reconditioned components are also supplied with guaranteed performance and life. All the parts are reconditioned and calibrated in-house. Supporting equipments like fresh water generators, compressors, heat exchangers, pumps are also supplied.

Why us

One stop solution

RA Power Solutions is one stop solution for resolving all the problems pertaining to diesel power plants. The company has expertise and experience of more than Four decades in successfully executed in repairs of major components. New and reconditioned parts are supplied in case parts are beyond repair. Overall all commissioning services are provided. All the jobs related to maintenance of diesel engine are undertaken by RAP.

Get vital information

We have been working on various make of engines like Sulzer, Wartsila, Mak, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Mirrlees, etc. for last Four decades and have necessary technical data of each component in detail which is not provided by the manufacturers normally. The notifications bulletins are available where the manufacturers have accepted repairs beyond the limits specified in manual

We travel to your place

The concept of sending the damaged parts to the designated workshop is outdated. We travel to your place with all necessary instruments and equipments. The damaged parts are checked and repaired with the portable equipments carried by our experienced technicians. The services offered are for any site all over world. This reduces the breakdown time and cost of repairs.

Regular technical support

Experience engineers are available to providing technical support to resolve your problem. Company is advisor to various shipping companies and diesel power plants installation all over the world. The advisory panel consists of ex engineers from Mirrlees Blackstone, Caterpillar, Wartsila, etc.

Latest generation of equipment

Equipment used to execute repairs is of latest design and generation. Our experienced engineers are able to execute their job with our potable onsite equipment strictly as per the manufacturers’ specifications. All the repairs are approved by class.The grinding and polishing machine are also sold which are getting popular all over the world due to simple design and operate.

We work while you relax

The advantage of RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is that all the activities are undertaken in-house right from calibration to repairs supply of spares, overhauling, erection and commissioning of engine. We ensure that our clients are relieved the moment the assignment is given to us.